International team brings blessings to the county

Published 1:40 pm Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With its multi-national prayer and healing team, many barriers were crossed at the Healing Crusade held in Georgiana last weekend, said evangelist Carolyn Griffin.

“We had a Mexican evangelist, an evangelist originally from India, from Africa, and even Elvis himself,” Griffin said. Blu Braden and his Labour for the Lord Ministries, sponsor of the event, along with Gino and Darlene Lopez of Love for the Nations Ministries, Tom Punnoose, and Bishop Olu Lawrence of Olu Lawrence Ministries USA, joined Griffin and “a nice crowd” in Hank Williams Park Saturday night.

“We had a lot of people in attendance from Rutledge and Georgiana and many were blessed. My desire is to see us come together and reach out across those barriers,” Griffin said.

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“We want to thank the City of Georgiana for letting us use the Hank Williams Park for the awesome Healing Crusade. People were healed in the name of Jesus, lives were touched and will never be the same,” said Braden.

“We were called by God to take the truth of God’s word and His love to every person . . . I came from Beat 12 on Highway 106 and never dreamed God would take me all over the world,” said Darlene Lopez. “It’s not where you live or where you come from, but who lives in you.”

Punnoose, an American citizen who was born in India, shared a healing passage from Luke and spoke about the America for Christ Expedition 2006 he and his wife undertook.

“We covered 36 border states, drove 10,775 miles and were back in Houston on the 40th day. We started out with a full tank of gas, $100, no debit or credit cards, and no appointments . . . we prayed for the country and came back with $153 left after meeting all our needs,” Punnoose said.