Alleged car thief in custody

Published 5:25 pm Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Greenville Police arrested a man that they believe is responsible for the June 29 theft of two automobiles.

Jimmy Earl Little, 22, was arrested and charged with two counts of theft of property, 1st.

Lieutenant Justin Lovvorn said a property owner had reported the theft the day before.

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“The owner had four or five cars that was being stored behind the residence,” Lovvorn said. “He wasn’t living there, but instead he was remodeling and checking on it every once in a while.”

Lovvorn said they did a report and let the sheriff’s department know about the theft.

“Deputy (Thomas) Hallford, who goes and checks recycling businesses every day or so, called us and said he found what looked like the two cars,” Lovvorn said.

Lovvorn said he went to the business and verified that the two vehicles were the ones reported stolen.

“After investigating the recycling business, we named a suspect and set up a sting operation,” Lovvorn said.

Lovvorn said police knew that the suspect was returning to the scene to steal the other two vehicles.

“When he showed up to meet the other person who was supposed to help him steal it, he found us instead,” Lovvorn said. “We took him into custody at that point.”

Little is currently being held on a $40,000 bond at Butler County Correctional Facility.