Luverne to seek funds from BP

Published 8:36 am Thursday, July 1, 2010

Luverne’s city council decided at Monday’s meeting to seek funds from BP due to potential loss of income from the Gulf oil spill.

Mayor Joe Rex Sport brought the issue to the council’s attention after he heard that the Beasley Allen Law Firm of Montgomery was accepting cases.

“If this oil spill hits Destin and Panama City, we’re going to see some impact,” Sport said. “It will affect the traffic through here.”

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Sport also said that he had heard of several cities along the I-65 corridor that were also considering filing cases.

If the law firm collects any damages, they would receive 25 percent of the total as a fee.

However, if nothing is collected, the firm is not owed anything.

Investigation of the claim would likely take place through review of tax records, loss of revenue and business losses.