Burglary leads to confrontation

Published 4:02 pm Thursday, July 1, 2010

A 17-year-old juvenile is in custody after a burglary resulted in an armed confrontation.

The juvenile has been charged with having a pistol without a permit, shooting into an unoccupied building, reckless endangerment and burglary, 3rd.

“Three other boys had gone over to Pineview Apartments and got in an argument with the 17-year-old,” said Lieutenant Justin Lovvorn. “The 17-year-old then pulled out a pistol and started shooting at the other boys.”

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At this time, Lovvorn said, McKenzie police chief Clint Reaves was off duty and happened to pass by Pineview Apartments.

“Reaves saw the juvenile firing the gun off, so he pulled in and confronted him,” Lovvorn said. “The juvenile took off running, and Reaves ran around, cut him off and got him onto the ground.”

Reaves, who had called for backup when he saw the juvenile’s weapon, remained with the suspect until Greenville Police officers arrived.

“I think the juvenile was just trying to scare them,” Lovvorn said.

Police recovered two bullets, one that had gone over the head of the individuals, and one that was found inside a second-story apartment across the complex.

“The bullet in the bedroom appears to be related, but we won’t know for sure until forensics back,” Lovvorn said.

The juvenile was taken from the scene to the hospital to be treated for a cut on his arm, Lovvorn said.

That is when Lovvorn got another call from across town regarding an apartment burglary.

“I left the scene to arrive at Valley Drive, where the burglary had taken place,” Lovvorn said. “Whoever had broke in had cut themselves, so we collected blood samples in addition to fingerprints.

Witness reports claim the suspect in the burglary was the juvenile who they had just arrested at Pineview Apartments.

“We believe the burglary is why these boys went to confront him,” Lovvorn said. “The apartment belonged to one of their girlfriends.”