Signs, signs everywhere the signs

Published 4:10 pm Thursday, June 17, 2010

Butler County has a litter problem. Trash lines the sides of our highways and rural roads, the bulk of it coming from people who care little about keeping our county clean and the beauty of its natural surroundings. Why keep trash in the car and dispose of it later when it’s much easier to chunk it out the window? These people have absolutely no respect for the county we all know and love. For them, cleanliness is certainly not next to Godliness.

And, of course, come election time, the county’s roadways and byways become attractive targets for politicians. And who is to blame them? Lining the roads and intersections with political signage is an inexpensive way to advertise the candidate’s message. It’s quite simple to do really: pick out the major thoroughfares and poke a sign in the ground. Not only will people have to stop before turning left or right, but they’ll also have to take note of the names planted all around the STOP sign. Be it a Republican or Democrat or independent, election signs have become a necessary part of campaigning for political office.

But might we make one suggestion, to anyone seeking political office in this great state of ours: could you please clean those signs up? Perhaps not right now, (with a Republican run-off still to come and the General Election in November), but at least by the end of the year? Nothing says “so what?” like a gaggle of obsolete, decaying campaign signs roosting on some lonesome highway of the county. Now granted, for the losers, it might take awhile before the gusto visits them sufficiently enough to gather up their campaign regalia, but there should be no excuse for not eventually getting off their collective duffs and trashing what needs to be trashed. The same with the winners. What better way to show the citizens that yes, you intend to do your job, but you also care about how the county looks to travelers passing through.

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So, this is a call for responsibility. The candidates can take it or leave it. We understand that those beautiful red or white or blue emblems cost you plenty. And they either served or did not serve their purpose.

But soon they will be just worthless pieces of paper. And should be treated as such.