Recount earns James one vote

Published 9:46 pm Thursday, June 17, 2010

A recount in the Republican governor’s race has earned Tim James a single extra vote in Crenshaw County.

The recount began at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, and probate judge Jim Perdue assisted at the request of the Republican Executive Committee, along with five poll workers.

“After receiving the court order from Judge Ed McFerrin, the seals on the boxes were broken, and the Republican ballots were recounted,” Perdue said.

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The governor’s race was the only part of the ballot that was recounted.

Crenshaw County has 18 precincts, along with absentee and provisional ballots, and all ballots were accounted for.

Of those, three ballots from Election Day were unable to be read by the machine, so they were read by hand.

One vote was for James, and two were for Roy Moore.

Perdue said those votes were counted as under-votes during the first count, which means that the machine couldn’t read the vote for that race but registered a mark for another race somewhere on the ballot.

“I would say that those were marked with a ball-point pen instead of a marker for that race something along those lines,” Perdue said.

Perdue also said that the recount shows the attention to detail and pride Crenshaw County poll workers take.

“This really shows that our poll workers do a great job,” he said. “It also shows that the system works. When you have that many ballots, and it comes back with every ballot accounted for, it just shows the exceptional job they do.”

Statewide results of the recount are not yet known.