Election 2010: Kenny Harden wins second term as sheriff

Published 6:42 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Signing off here from the Annex. Thanks for joining us tonight. Summary of the local races: Harden wins second term. School tax passes. Still waiting on governor’s race. Thanks!

9:21 Final box is Industry: Kenny Harden wins a second term. 1912 votes.

9:19 25 boxes in. Kenny Harden 1831, Danny Bond 995, and James Moorer 724.

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9:14 22 Boxes are in. Sheriff – Harden 1579, Bond 805 and Moorer 615.

9:09 For Sheriff, Harden 1431, Bond 735, Moorer 522. 19 boxes in. 8 to go.

9:06 Tim James, Bradley Byrne and Robert Bentley running neck-in-neck with 28 percent of the vote in statewide.

8:58 Democrat for Governor – Sparks 1571, Davis 707 in Butler County.

8:54 16 boxes in Kenny Harden 1304, Danny Bond 621, and James Moorer 505.

8:51 15 boxes. Harden with 1236 votes and will likely avoid a runoff against either Moorer or Bond. Bond has 559, Moorer has 487.

8:49 14 boxes in. Sheriff: Harden 1210, Bond 500, Moorer 482.

8:46 Somebody’s “Sweet Home Alabama” ringtone just went off…For sheriff, Harden 1108, Moorer 463, Bond 450. 13 boxes in and another two coming here soon.

8:42 Governor’s race in Butler County – Democrat: Artur Davis 580, Ron Sparks 1123. Republican: Tim James 616, Bradley Byrne 161, Robert Bentley 128, Roy Moore 93…

8:41 12 boxes in. Harden 1016, Moorer 454, Bond 415.

8:35 Midway box in. For Sheriff: Harden 960, Moorer 451, Bond 328….also, sorry we aren’t reporting any more races than this, but we figure these are the most important to the people of the county. I’ll try to get an update on the Governor’s race here soon.

8:33 Frank Hickman has entered the building…sorry, waiting on the faraway boxes now…

8:29 With 10 boxes in: Harden 901, Moorer 431, and Bond 355…by the way we’re not being biased we’re being funny.

8:27 Sheriff: Harden 849, Moorer 417, Bond 342. With nine reporting.

8:25 School tax looks like it’s going to pass. Big news for the school district.

8:23 Eight boxes in: Harden 799, Bond 327, Moorer 384….School tax 1696 for, 446 against…

8:21 With seven boxes reporting…Harden 713, Bond 281, Moorer, 344 on sheriff’s race. School tax: 1519 yes, 369 no.

8:19 Ask and ye shall receive…Harden 560, Bond 225, Moorer, 246 thus far with five boxes in.

8:14 1084 yes, 286 no so far on the school tax.

8:12 Health Department Box: Harden 162, Danny Bond 57, James Moorer 33

8:07Renewal for school tax: 342 for, 68 against

8:00 Dunbar Box in: First box, Harden 74, Bond 42, Moorer 89. Second box: Harden 64, Bond 37, Moorer 81

7:52 On site for The Advocate: Angie Long, Kevin Pearcey, and Austin Nelson. And the waiting continues…

7:45 No pizza yet. Bummer…still waiting on first box. (voting box that is.)

7:38 Absentee votes: Kenny Harden 106, Danny Bond 24, James Moorer 13.

7:33 Also here Probate Judge Steve Norman (of course), DA John Andrews (unopposed this year), BC Republican chair Cleve Poole, Circuit Clerk Allen Stephenson, Comissioners Jesse McWilliams and Jerry Hartin and Little Kenny Harden.

7:17 At the Annex now. No boxes have come in yet. In the audience sheriff Kenny Harden (whose working of course) and challengers Danny Bond and James Moorer. As a reminder: You will probably have to refresh your browser as this story will be updated continously.

6:38 The Greenville Advocate will be providing live updates for the Primary Election from the Butler County Courthouse Annex. Check our website throughout the night for election results.