Police identify man in shooting

Published 11:57 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Greenville man is suspected of shooting both his sister-in-law and wife before police were forced to shoot and kill him at a home on Winkler St. Tuesday night, said Chief of Police Lonzo Ingram.

Investigators have identified the suspect as 60-year-old Jim Heard.

Ingram said at 11:18 p.m. police officers responded to a call from a home at 322 Winkler St.

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“The call was from a child who said her mother had been shot,” said Ingram. “When police arrived the suspect was standing on the front porch with his back to the yard. After repeated verbal commands for him to lie down, the suspect turned on the officers with a gun. That’s when the officers opened fire.”

Ingram said inside, emergency responders discovered Mildred Heard, 61, with a gunshot wound to her face, but still alive. Mildred Heard was transported to L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital then airlifted to Baptist South in Montgomery.

At 11:48 p.m., said Ingram, officers received a call about another shooting victim a block away at 413 Hicks St. Arriving there, investigators found 57-year-old Marian George who had been shot in the chest. George was also taken to L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead, said Ingram.

Investigators recovered a .44 Magnum handgun at the Winkler St. home, said Ingram.

The police shooting of Jim Heard is being investigated by the ABI.

Ingram said he is confident the officers acted accordingly considering the circumstances.

“What we have here is a domestic situation although we don’t know all the details at this time,” said Ingram. “But it’s certainly one that went the wrong way.”

The investigative report, when completed, will be provided to the Greenville police and the Butler County District Attorney’s Office, said ABI public information officer Kevin Cook.

The ABI also said two children were discovered in the residence on Winkler St., both unharmed.

The incident is the first officer-involved shooting in Greenville since police were forced to shoot and kill Louisiana transit Wayne A. Vasquez at the Comfort Inn in January 2006 after he shot two officers.