Water tank maintenance may cause drop in pressure

Published 2:08 pm Monday, April 26, 2010

Some Butler County residents may notice a drop in water pressure as maintenance projects on the county’s water system get underway.

Wesley Bass, manager of Artesian Utilities, discussed the upcoming projects at the board’s regularly scheduled meeting Monday.

This Wednesday, the Liberty Tank on Kolb City road will be drained for a regular inspection. Bass said that if everything looks good, the tank could be online as early as Friday.

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“Residents won’t have as large a volume of water to draw from as usual,” Bass said. “This time of year, however, they probably won’t even notice it.”

This will not be the case when the Ridge Tank is drained, but Bass said it “has to be done.”

“This is the original tank this system started with,” Bass said. “It has a lot of pumps pulling from it.”

Bass expects residents will notice lower pressure while the tank is being repainted.

The tank should be offline within two to three weeks, Bass said, and will take about a month and a half to be repainted and put back online.

The project to replace the building and equipment at Shackleville Booster Station is still underway, though Bass said they have run into a few problems. The station services Phillips tank.

“Phillips tank is about 1/3 full right now, but once the pump goes back online we can control how much is in the tank,” Bass said.

Gravity is controlling the level of water in the tank, but Bass said the tank will be at full volume and pressure once the project is complete.