Fort Dale to adopt uniform policy

Published 4:12 pm Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fort Dale students won’t have to decide what to wear on their first day of school when fall comes back around.

After pondering the choice for some time, the school will be making uniforms mandatory next year

Headmaster David Brantley said the school did not take the decision lightly.

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“We did considerable research, and we have talked to several other schools that have gone to the policy,” Brantley said. “The response from every one of these schools without fail was that there was reluctance to begin with, but this soon grew into support.”

Brantley said there were several benefits to adopting a uniform policy.

“It insures that there aren’t any distracting or inappropriate clothes at school,” Brantley said. “People wouldn’t feel pressure to buy trendy clothes because everyone would be at the same level.”

Also, with all students wearing identical clothing, it would be easy to spot out unauthorized visitors to the school’s campus, which could help increase school security.

Brantley said Fort Dale will definitely be moving to uniforms, but details such as the appearance, make and cost of the uniforms still need to be determined.

“A representative group of parents and some of our older students and teachers will meet soon with a uniform company to work out the particulars.”

The goal, Brantley said, would be for parents to spend less money clothing their child for school, not more.