Commission approves farmers market, construction bid

Published 4:38 pm Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday’s county commission meeting saw little dissent, with all measures being passed with little discussion.

After calling the meeting to order, the commission approved a motion to give Richard Branum permission to continue with planning on a county farmer’s market. The market will be located in the old jail building site.

Commissioner Lynn Watson made a motion to approve the ad valorem tax for the board of education. Watson emphasized for the record that this tax was being renewed and was not a new tax. The motion passed unanimously.

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“Our school system needs this tax to operate,” said Commissioner Jimmy Crum. “It would be detrimental to the school system if we don’t re-pass this tax. If we don’t have tax money, we can’t educate our children.”

Crum hopes voters will turn out to vote yes for the tax.

County engineer Dennis McCall came before the commission for a quick overview of the bids received for the resurfacing and re-striping on County Road 15.

APAC Midsouth, Inc had the lowest bid at $845,703.

The commission approved awarding APAC Midsouth the contract, though it still has to be approved by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

McCall said the county has been receiving funds through the Department of Transportation that amount to about $500,000 a year.

“It takes us about 2 years of federal funds to do an 8 to 10 mile project,” McCall said.

The money can be saved, McCall said, to use for larger projects. This project uses a portion of 2008 and 2009 funds in addition to stimulus funds.

A stipulation of the funds requires that local government match 20 percent of the total cost for the project. For the CR-15 project, this amounts to $141,984.

The commission approved a request from Glenn Kin to transfer off-premises beer license from C&H Food Mart to 31 Marathon, and also agreed to renew the copier lease for commission office.