Medicine Shoppe serves individual needs

Published 5:09 pm Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The days of the neighborhood apothecary are fading fast, but a few pharmacists still exist without the comfort of big-name backing.

James Jones, who owns the Medicine Shoppe in Greenville, is well aware of this trend. Jones has been practicing pharmacy in his hometown of Prattville for 25 years.

“I am an independent pharmacy kind of person,” Jones said. “Independent pharmacies are the best at serving the communities they are in.”

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Jones, who also owned the Medicine Shoppe in Prattville, purchased the pharmacy in Greenville from Rick Atkins in 2007. At the time, Atkins told Jones that he wanted to see an independent pharmacy continue in Greenville.

“Each customer and patient that comes in here gets treated as an individual,” Jones said. “Most chain stores don’t have time to take into account special needs.”

Jones said smaller pharmacies know their customers.

“Medicine now is very sophisticated,” Jones said. “Our pills work the same, but we are able to watch for drug interactions and take into account all the medicines.”

In a world where there is a pill or potion for every ailment, this is becoming more and more important, Jones said.

The Medicine Shoppe has also started delivering medicine right to your door.

“We know some of our competitors will mail you your medications, but what if you aren’t home?” Jones asked.

This means, Jones said, your medication might be getting too hot or too cold, which is not good for the medication.

The vehicle, appropriately named the Medicine Dropper, will deliver your prescriptions to the convenience of your home or office.

“We charge two dollars for each medicine delivered to cover the cost of gas,” Jones said. “We don’t make money off it, it just helps offset the costs.”

Jones plans to outfit the Medicine Dropper with signs and stickers soon to make it more recognizable.