Hartin to challenge Newton for House Dist. 90 seat

Published 4:53 pm Friday, March 12, 2010

Butler County Commissioner Jerry Hartin has announced he is a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives, Dist. 90.

Dist. 90 is comprised of Butler, Crenshaw and Conecuh counties. The seat is currently held by Rep. Charles Newton (D-Greenville).

“I have a lot of respect for Charles Newton and have worked with him,” said Hartin. “I see no other way around it. To achieve the goals I want to achieve I have got to climb the ladder. After much debate and decision I have decided to announce my candidacy.”

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Hartin said he feels more needs to be done to assist counties, especially considering the current conditions of rural roads.

“We have received no funding for these roads,” said Hartin.

Hartin said he would like to see a half-cent sales tax increase to begin addressing Butler County’s problems with its roads. The money, he said, would generate an estimated $800,000 annually for the minor collector roads and at least give county governments some funding to “stop the bleeding.”

But Hartin said he would only favor this tax if citizens approved it with a vote.

“Any tax needs to be voted on by the people,” he said.

Hartin said he’s equally familiar with the issues elected officials face in Conecuh and Crenshaw and promised to assist county government anyway possible, if elected.

“In any new job there’s going to be some type of on-the-job learning,” said Hartin. “But I’m a fast learner. And I have confidence that I will be able to make the right connections in Montgomery to get all three counties the help they need.”

Hartin was re-elected to represent District 1 on the county commission in 2008. He said his campaign for office will not interfere, in any way, with his governmental duties with the county.

“My duties will in no way go lacking,” he said.

Hartin owns and operates a construction business and is a native of Georgiana. He and his wife, Delphine, have two sons, Jacob and Caleb.