More cuts on the way for county school system

Published 5:00 pm Friday, February 19, 2010

More budget cuts loom on the horizon for the Butler County School System.

Interim Superintendent Joseph Dean shared the FY 2011 budget projections with the board at Thursday night’s regular BOE meeting.

“Due to proration, the system will see a loss of 17 teacher units, from 219 units in FY 2010 to 202 units for FY 201l,” Dean said, adding that an increase in proration could result in loss of additional units.

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District-wide, there are projected changes in administrative and instructional support units in FY 2011: the loss of one administrator, the gain of one assistant principal, the loss of one-half unit for a library media specialist and the loss of a career tech administrator.

“Alabama law requires us to maintain at least a one month operating balance in reserve. In order for us to remain in compliance with State law, we have to cut $647, 878 from our budget,” Dean said.

Currently, the system has seven months’ operating balance in the reserve account.

“However, if we keep going with the current trend, even if proration stays at the same level, our reserve will be depleted in August 2010,” Dean said.

“That means we could have to borrow money to meet payroll.”

According to the information shared by Dean Thursday night, the system continues to expend $7,000 per month providing student transportation within a two-mile radius of the schools.

Prior to Thursday’s meeting, board member Joe Lisenby said the BOE would have some very tough decisions facing it in the coming months.

“I just don’t think the economy is going to turn around quickly enough to keep us from having to make some difficult choices. They won’t be popular, but they will be necessary,” Lisenby said.