1,000 without power in county

Published 2:41 pm Friday, February 12, 2010

Crews from Pioneer-Electric are working to restore power to an estimated 1,000 households, said cooperative general manager Steve Harmon.

The bulk of the power outages are in the Starlington and Shackleville communities, he said.

“Part of the problem is we’re able to get power restored in one area, but a tree falls and knocks it out again after we’ve moved on,” said Harmon. “The trees are falling because they can’t stand the weight of the snow.”

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Harmon said workers from Central Alabama Co-Op are enroute to Butler County to assist Pioneer Electric crews.

“That’s the good thing about co-ops…we all help one another,” he said. “We’re going to keep working and hopefully later on tonight we’ll get most of the power restored.”

Harmon said safety is his biggest concern, especially as the temperatures begin to drop.

“The thing that worries the most is our guys out on the roads traveling,” he said. “We just tell our guys to take it slow and don’t rush.”

County EMA Bob Luman said Greenville had received an estimated 3.75 inches of snow as of 2 p.m. Friday. County and city roads remain closed in Butler County.

“It more or less puts people on notice that they’re driving by themselves and they should use caution,” said Luman.

Luman said the county could receive between four to eight inches of snowfall by the time it ends, sometimes after dark, according to the National Weather Service.

That’s also when things become much more dangerous, said Luman.

“Snow is on the roads and it’s staying there,” he said. “Everything underneath that is going to get colder and turn to ice. We’re already getting people sliding off of roads and it’s going to get worse.”

Tomorrow’s forecast is for sunny skies and temperatures near or around 45 degrees.