Mobile home park owners in Georgiana told to clean up

Published 12:30 pm Friday, February 5, 2010

There’s a message the Georgiana City Council wants its mobile home park owners to hear: “Clean up!”

After poor attendance at a recent meeting of city’s mobile home park owners, a letter, read and approved by the council at Tuesday night’s meeting, is being sent out to notify all owners their properties need an overhaul.

“We want to let them know they must clean up their act,” said mayor Mike Middleton.

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“They need to clean up the trash and make the roads passable. I don’t know how you can drive some of them in cars, because I could barely make it on my pickup truck.”

Uninhabited trailers must also be attended to, the mayor said.

“These eyesores have to be treated just like the regular buildings around town. All we are trying to do is enforce the ordinance they signed years ago,” Middleton added.

The council also approved the appointment of Sherri Brackin to fill the spot on The Hank Williams Museum Board vacated by the death of Mary Wallace.

“Sherri is vice-president of the fan club, she has worked with Mary on many events the past two years, and she played a big part in organizing the Christmas parade float and the open house. Sherri has said she would be willing to take it on and work with us any way she can,” Middleton said.

“Of course, no one is going to replace Mary, but Sherri seems like the best person for the position.”

Council member Byron Ward gave details of his review of website options for the city.

“I’ve been told we first need to determine how much we want to spend, and then go ahead and get our content ready, before we make a decision,” Ward said.

Prices ranged from $400 to $1200, with Ward recommending the lowest cost option as appearing “extremely efficient.”

“I don’t think we have the content for a really huge website, but this would be a great way to keep our citizens informed and to get us on the World Wide Web so people out there will know just what we have to offer. It could be a great marketing tool for the city,” Ward said.

The council members agreed to work on a budget and begin to gather content for the proposed website.

The council also approved the $400 cost of a “webinar” to implement new Cougar Mountain Budget software for the city.

“It would make our finances all clearer and help us know where we stand with the budget to date, which is information we don’t have right now,” council member Lisa Lowe said.

Additional actions taken by the council were:

*Approval of the FY 2008-2009 Audit

*Awarding of bid to Beasley & Company for $128,389.50 to build off-road path along U.S. Highway 31

*Adoption of CDBG Purchasing Procedures for the Waste Treatment Grant of $366, 500

*Approval of one-year renewal of 2010 General Liability /Equipment Insurance for $47, 248.