Georgiana man arrested on meth charges

Published 2:43 pm Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Georgiana man and charged him with trafficking methamphetamines after serving a search warrant at his residence on Wednesday.

James Curby Barnette, 48, of 720 Rigsby Rd. was charged with manufacturing meth, 1st degree, trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia, said Sheriff Kenny Harden.

The arrest came after investigator Travis Johnson was working a burglary case at a home in the immediate area and noted tire tracks, from a golf cart, leading back to Barnette’s home. Harden said Barnette immediately became a suspect in that burglary, but would not consent to a search of his residence.

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“At that point we had probable cause to suspect him in that burglary and secured a search warrant,” said Harden.

Deputies discovered a meth lab in Barnette’s kitchen, said Harden. By late Wednesday, officers with the Covington County Drug Task Force, Greenville police, and the state ABC board, were also on the scene to assist with the gathering of evidence. A hazardous material team arrived later to dispose of the laboratory.

Harden said samples of the drug, in its liquid form, were being tested to determine how much meth deputies had recovered. He said investigators had reason to believe that the quantity is well over 28 grams, enough to charge Barnette with trafficking.

“We think it’s enough to believe he was selling it,” said Harden.

Barnette is in the Butler County Correctional Facility. No bond had been set as of Thursday.