Georgiana city council takes further action on eyesores

Published 4:56 pm Wednesday, November 4, 2009

They have been warned. The Georgiana City Council continues its efforts to clean up the city of eyesores by taking the next step with two houses declared unsafe.

The properties are at 401 Meeting Ave. North and 143 Rose Street West.

“These property owners have received formal letters and they have taken no action.

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I’m asking that the council approves forwarding this information to the city attorney for further action for a title check,” said Mayor Mike Middleton at Tuesday night’s monthly council meeting.

The council unanimously approved taking further action with the derelict properties.

In further business, the council:

-Approved Resolution 2009-09, which updates the old Resolution for Council Agenda.

The change will mean items up for a vote will be tabled until the next meeting to allow all council members “an opportunity to contemplate the matters,” said Middleton.

-Approved Resolution 2009-10, which allows application for a CDBG Grant to upgrade the Waste Water Treatment Plant. It would be an 80 percent grant with the Water Department matching with 20 percent.

-Approved allowance of a franchise to provide digital television services to the City of Georgiana as presented by Ray Wasden of Camellia Communications.

During the discussion time following the meeting, Middleton said the inaugural Community Fall Festival had been a success. “We are already suggesting ways to make it even bigger and better next year – that’s the only way to go,” he said.

Citizens also expressed concerns about children’s safety when crossing the highway at the Butler County Magnet School. The students are currently crossing the highway several times a day for their PE classes.

The speed limit is set at 35 mph. Middleton said motorists frequently speed through the area some 30-35 miles or more over the speed limit.

“I have contacted the DOT about lowering the speed limit and I’ve been told they won’t do it,” Middleton said.

A sidewalk from Highway 106 to BCMS is under construction. However, the promised crossover bridge project is currently in limbo. Middleton said he would look further into the matter to determine the status of the project.