Patrol officers now issuing e-tickets

Published 4:14 pm Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If you’ve been stopped by a Greenville police officer in the last few weeks, you’ve likely noticed a change in your ticket.

The police department received funding through ADECA to outfit five patrol units with E-ticket software and laptops at an estimated cost of $1500 per unit, said Greenville police chief Lonzo Ingram. On a traffic stop, officers simply swipe a driver’s license and a ticket is printed out with no signature required, said Ingram.

“What it cuts down on his time,” said Ingram. “The motorist will not be kept as long on the side of the road waiting for an officer to write a ticket.”

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The ticket printed out is also a cleaner and more legible copy then the typical handwritten one, said Ingram. Also, officers and administration are not left dealing with different colored duplicates of the same ticket. Ingram hopes to have the remainder of the patrol units outfitted with the system through additional grant funding.

“One of the problems we’re going to face, though, is that it’s good to get the initial funding, but when the warranty runs out you’re left having to come up with the money to repair the system if it breaks,” said Ingram. “With technology, that isn’t cheap sometimes.”