City raises fees on some services

Published 11:53 am Friday, October 2, 2009

City water customers who have their garbage can confiscated because of a delinquent account will now have to pay a $25 “re-can” fee, according to a new fee schedule approved by the Greenville City Council on Monday night.

The new fee schedule went into effect Oct. 1.

Previously, said City Clerk Sue Arnold, the residential rolling garbage cans were returned free of charge when delinquent customers paid their water bill up to date.

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Residents pay $12 per month for the garbage cans, which they are charged on their monthly water bill.

Additionally, the city raised the fee for “willful and/or careless destruction” of any garbage can from $50 to $75, and customers who request the sanitation department steam clean their garbage can will be accessed a fee of $15.

The council approved additional fee increases for other city services as well, including disposal costs at the city’s landfill, application fees at the city inspector’s office, rental fees for the city’s park facilities, and camping at Sherling Lake.

Arnold said the adjustment in the fee schedule was due to increased operational expenses and was necessary to continue to provide adequate services for the citizens of Greenville. She said the fee schedule had not been adjusted in approximately 10 years.