Officials investigate ‘bomb’ scare

Published 5:39 pm Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A suspicious package that apparently arrived in Chapman on a railroad car had law enforcement scrambling on Tuesday to discover its point of origin.

The railroad car was dropped off overnight inside the future home of Coastal Forest Products, said Sheriff Kenny Harden. An employee noticed the package sitting on the railcar at approximately 10 a.m., thought it suspicious and contacted his supervisors, who then notified authorities, he said.

“We responded to the call and advised the employees and their supervisors it was best to evacuate the area,” said Harden. “Upon arrival, we then thought it best to notify the bomb squad in Montgomery.”

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Members of the Alabama State Trooper Bomb Squad arrived shortly thereafter, said Harden.

After investigating the package, bomb squad personnel blew it up. Harden said the package was not an explosive device.

Harden said the railroad car was supposed to be picked up by another train and delivered to Andalusia today.

He said the origins of the package are being investigated by CSX police, agents with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the sheriff’s office, and the district attorney’s office.

“We’re still looking into it,” he said. “CSX is also checking their records to see if anyone noticed this package last night…we believe it was placed on the railroad car here.”