Gift from Georgiana donor blesses Selma’s hungry

Published 4:30 pm Thursday, August 27, 2009

Georgiana’s Melissa Grant had been praying daily for the Lord’s direction on how she could serve others. Then she got a message that moved her to tears and answered her prayers.

Melissa got a letter from the Edmundite Missions in Selma talking about hungry children and elders at Bosco Food Kitchen and in the many rural communities reached by Mission food pantries.

“I cried all weekend after reading it,” she said. “I hate the thought that any child would go hungry.”

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So Melissa gathered pears from her two trees-about 300 pounds worth-and asked the local grocery for a donation. With their gift of $150 worth of groceries, and some additional food items she and her husband purchased, she headed out to Selma with her traveling companion, Sadie, her beloved dog.

She also brought a box of blankets because, “I know it’s going to get cold soon.”

Some 84 miles later, she was delivering food to the Catholic ministry.

“I don’t care what color or what religion someone is,” said the member of Hopewell Baptist Church in Georgiana. “I know we are all God’s children and we are here to help each other.”