Bid awarded for Industrial Park roadway

Published 1:58 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In business conducted during the Monday meeting of the Butler County Commission:

The commission accepted a bid of $545,822 from Earth Tech to extend the existing road system and build a new access road at the Butler County Industrial Park. The funding was provided through the federal government in the amount of $750,000, which was originally secured through a line item appropriation by Sen. Richard Shelby in 2005, said Steve Norman, Chairman of the Butler County Industrial Development board.

“When the appropriation came down it came directly through ALDOT and it was the first of this type they had seen,” said Norman. “I think they were a little afraid of it to start with so this has been going on for years.”

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Norman said the county initially wanted to use the funding to build parking lots, do landscaping and add signage in order to help market the park for new industries. However, ALDOT required the funds to be used for roads, said Norman.

“Finally, we had a project come up we could use it on,” he said. “This is going to be a new entrance near the north end of the park that will circle around and connect to the existing entrance. It’s something needed.”

The commission approved a resolution to provide in-kind work for the replacement of the bridge over Panther Creek (Sam Morrell Rd.) and reopen it. McCall said Resource Management Service, the land and timber manager, has agreed to pay all material costs associated with the project, which is estimated to be $25,000. McCall said the bridge has been closed for “at least 12 years.” The new bridge will be constructed of piping and allow for an additional transportation artery for lumber trucks as well as public vehicles, said McCall.

Approved two requests by Revenue Commissioner Deborah Crews to seek bids for a new computer hardware and server and to lease a copier via state bid.

Approved a letter of support for a community corrections program.

Agreed to an engineering services agreement with Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood for the MTI CDBG sewer grant.