Bulk of county’s federal, state roads pass ALDOT’s inspection

Published 10:41 am Monday, August 10, 2009

Butler County’s federal and state funded roadways received a grade of B from the Alabama Department of Transportation during its annual maintenance and inspection report.

The average grade of all 69 roads in the county inspected by ALDOT was 82.22. 54 of the roads graded between 76-85, nine graded between 86-85, and four graded between 96-100.

Only two roadways, CR-9, located in south Butler County near McKenzie, and CR-5 and CR-7 near Butler Springs, graded between 70-75. In a letter to Engineer Dennis McCall, ALDOT said the county should “give special attention to these projects to prevent their failure in the near future.”

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County Engineer Dennis McCall said bringing those roadways up to par would mean devoting more attention to safety-related issues highlighted by ALDOT, such as additional striping, signs or curb work.

“I don’t necessarily believe the road surfaces are in that bad of a shape,” Engineer Dennis McCall said of the two roads in question.

The grade places the county at No. 47 among the 67 counties in Alabama. The county’s average over the last five years has placed it at No. 48, according to ALDOT.