BOE will appeal AYP for GHS

Published 3:48 pm Monday, August 3, 2009

The news for Butler County schools on report card day was good. Real good.

Butler County schools made Adequate Yearly Progress for 2008-09 according to data released by the Alabama Department of Education on Monday.

Six of the seven schools in the county also made AYP, with the exception being Greenville High School, which did not meet reading proficiency in two subcategories, black students and free/reduced meals students. The school made 15 out of the 17 goals mandated by the federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

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However, Superintendent Mike Looney said the school system would appeal the state’s report concerning Greenville High School.

“We actually have three children that was not included in the state’s report that we feel should have been,” said Looney. “Including those students would mean Greenville High is likely to meet all of its proficiency goals, which would mean they met AYP.”

GHS Principal Dr. Charles Farmer said he was told it would take approximately two weeks to a month for results of the appeal to be known.

“We have a shot to actually make it but it all depends on the state,” said Farmer. “The central office and Board of Education has been supportive and agrees that it is in our best interest to pursue this appeal.”

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