Essay winner writes of war’s costs

Published 4:38 pm Wednesday, June 10, 2009

War takes its toll on soldiers. It also takes its toll on family members back home, pulling parents away from sons and daughters; separating brothers and sisters; taking husbands away from wives. The U.S. military is still fighting two wars on foreign soil. Those soldiers still in harms way were remembered alongside WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans and those Butler Countians killed in action during the recent Memorial Day service held in Confederate Park.

The winner of the Lions essay contest was also announced. The student’s essay is presented here in its entirety for the benefit of our readers.

It was written by Dannah Acreman, a fourth grader, and is entitled “What the War Means to Me.”

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“The War means a lot to me because those people are fighting for our freedom in Iraq right now and they die for our country.

If I went up there to fight for our country, I’d be wanting freedom in my country. My stepbrother, Johnathan Smith, is down there right now and he’s fighting for our country. My step-dad is in the Marine service. My brother-in-law goes to Army drill sometimes.

But, anyway, the war means a lot to me because the war has been going on a long time and we want it to stop. Our family members are in service and we miss them and we want them home.

I miss my stepbrother so much I cry.

Three days ago, he emailed my step-mom (Carol Acreman) and he said that someone almost shot him, but he was OK. Mrs. Carol went to her bedroom and prayed and she cried.

She told God to send her a message and He did. Wes is OK though. I want to be in the service one day. I want to be in the Marines. And I want freedom to stand when I come back.”