Character Program Turns Students Into Future Leaders

Published 9:13 am Friday, June 5, 2009

For the second consecutive year, a unique initiative at Georgiana High School taught students to take leadership roles in their school. The program was designed to teach universal concepts in an entertaining environment for students to learn the fundamental principles of integrity, honor and self-control.

The mentoring program graduated 14 students in 7th – 10th grade on Thursday, May 21. During the ceremony, the students were presented with a certificate, a T-shirt, and a service learning center. LaCory Savage and Lamar Crittenden were presented with the Most Improved Award.

The last class was a chance for students to reflect on what they had learned in the program. Students watched a DVD each week that introduced specific principles including respect, integrity, self-control, courage, excellence, compassion, humility, teamwork, enthusiasm and honor.

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Two students said that, “This program has inspired us to continue to keep working hard.” The program helped them to deal with anger issues they were having. These two students plan to pursue the advance credit program this summer.

Mr. Dean said, “This program has helped some of the students to come a long way. The students are beginning to care about their grades. They were so proud of the T-shirts they were given.”

Students that completed this program were Akia Bogan, LaCory Hall, Ethan Williams, Peter Darrington, Keith Gandy, Corey Womack, Wednesday Tate, Areney Peterson, Lamar Crittenden, Davonte Boggan, LaQuincy McCoy, Rodrick Griffin, Travohnte’ Feagin and LaCory Savage.

The program was facilitated by Denise Maye who serves as the PASS Facilitator for the Butler County Board of Education.