Looney’s contract extended through 2012

Published 4:57 pm Friday, May 22, 2009

In a vote of three “yeas” and one “nay,” the Butler County Board of Education voted on Thursday night to extend Superintendent Mike Looney’s contract an additional year.

This will extend the superintendent’s current contract until June 30, 2012.

Board member Linda Hamilton voted against the proposal, which was added to the agenda by board president Joe Lisenby. Lisenby and board members Billy Jones and Johnny Lee voted to approve the extension(member Terry Williams was absent).

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Lisenby asked the board members to make comments concerning their view of Looney’s performance.

Hamilton said that while she wished to thank Looney for his service to the schools and the county, she preferred to follow protocol and see a formal evaluation of Looney’s job performance take place before making any comments.

Looney has served four years as Butler County Schools Superintendent.

“I am in awe of (Looney’s) energy,” Lisenby said.

“If I were giving him a letter grade . . . it would have to be a very high ‘B’ or a low ‘A’ . . . I have not always agreed with him, but that does not mean I haven’t agreed with the ultimate outcome of his actions.”

Jones, who said he has worked with and served under for several superintendents over the years, said Looney “brought and expended more energy on the job than anyone else had.”

Lee added, ” I wouldn’t have any problem at all with giving Mr. Looney an extension.”