Schools implement assistance plan for employees

Published 3:36 pm Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hard times have brought a new program for teachers at the Butler County School District.

Superintendent Mike Looney presented the program, entitled the Employment Assistance Plan (EAP), during a teacher in-service day held at Greenville High School on Thursday afternoon. 30 vendors lined the cafeteria at GHS, representing everything from realtors and bankers to social and professional organizations, acting as a ‘one-stop’ shopping point for teachers and support personnel.

Looney’s message?

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“Hopefully, this program will help alleviate some of the concerns our personnel have during these times of (economic) crisis,” said Looney.

Looney said the program came about after several conversations with employees. Teachers and their families, said Looney, aren’t immune to problems in the economy. One teacher, he said, came to him towards the end of the month desperately needing money because he was behind on his bills.

“His wife had just lost her job and his power was about to be turned off,” Looney said. “We were able to sit down and work out a plan for him to pay his current bill and pay a little more each month to pay off the rest.”

Looney said conversations with his staff members resulted in the creation of the EAP. Wayne Boswell, Administrative Assistant for Operations, will serve as the ‘teacher’s advocate,’ said Looney.

“Mr. Boswell will be here to assist teachers with any problems…even if it’s just needing someone to talk to,” said Looney.

Boswell, a 38-year employee with the school district, said he was happy to help.

“When Mr. Looney approached me about doing this, I said I would most definitely make myself available,” said Boswell.

Attorney General Troy King spoke at the assembly for approximately 10 minutes.

“I think it speaks volumes about a community when the people there come together to support one another during hard times,” he said.