Argus Club donates to Safe Harbor

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2009

During the Depression years, a small group of Greenville women saw the need for specialized medical care for disabled children of Greenville and Butler County.

These women formed the Argus Club for the purpose of addressing those needs.

Under the auspice of the Alabama Crippled Children’s Association, clinics were organized with Dr. Kenneth Hannon, a Mobile pediatric orthopedist, as the attending physician. The clinics were held twice a year in the First Methodist Church Sunday School Building.

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Members of the Argus Club provided transportation and meals for those who needed them and served as assistants at the clinic. The ladies paid for the special needs of the children such as shoes, braces, and medicine.

Present Argus club members would like for those ladies to be recognized by name as having participated in this donation to the Children’s Advocacy.

Without the foresight and kind hearts of the original Argus Club members, the funds presented today would not be available to continue helping the children of Greenville and Butler County.

A few past members to be honored are: Mrs. William Blackwell, Mrs. John Byrd, Mrs. Ewing Carter, Jr., Mrs. Stirling Hamilton, Sr., Mrs. Earl McGowin, Sr., Mrs. Floyd McGowin, Sr., Mrs. Julian McGowin, Sr., Mrs. Aubrey Stabler, Sr., Mrs. Vernon Stabler, Sr., and Mrs Fred Steele.