Those who dump show little respect

Published 1:22 pm Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Observe, if you will, the following article from Section 13A-7-29 of the Code of Alabama, concerning criminal littering.

“B) “Litter” means rubbish, refuse, waste material, garbage, DEAD ANIMALS OR FOWL, offal, paper, glass, cans, bottles, trash, scrap metal, debris, or any foreign substance of whatever kind and description, and whether or not it is of value. Any agricultural product in its natural state that is unintentionally deposited on a public highway, road, street, or public right-of-way shall not be deemed litter for purposes of this section or Section 32-5-76. Any other law or ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding, the unintentional depositing of an agricultural product in its natural state on a public highway, road, street, or right-of-way shall not constitute unlawful littering or any similarly prohibited activity.”

Butler County, like most of Alabama, has a problem. Not only do we litter with the trash we accumulate in our automobiles, but we also see ourselves fit to scatter the decimated corpses of dead deer along our roadways as well.

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An untold number of such deer carcasses sits in plain view of Highway 59 (See Front Page), but that picture – we’re sorry to say – could have likely been snapped anywhere inside the county. Dead bodies draw scavengers of all type, not to mention the stench and sheer gruesomeness of bones and decomposing flesh which greets those that pass by.

Hunting is lawful and natural and the actions of a few should not cast a shadow over the sport. But when that sport crosses over into questionable ethnical practices such as demonstrated above then it has become a crime.

Among the dead deer on Halso Mill Rd. was found numerous beer bottles as well, so we’re pretty sure these “hunters” – if you could call them that – had themselves some good fun while breaking the law. And, at the same time, they demonstrated their blatant disregard or respect for the animals they hunted.

But their actions also showed their lack of respect for their fellow hunters as well as the citizens of Butler County.

Our thanks to a concerned citizen who pointed out this incident.