Cold is here, coming

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It’s cold. But it’s going to get colder.

Temperatures are expected to plummet across Butler County, with lows dipping into the teens on Thursday as an arctic cold front makes its way into the area.

The high for Thursday is expected to be 43 degrees, according to WSFA, but will fall to 14 degrees by that night.

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This isn’t your garden variety Alabama cold spell,” said WSFA Meteorologist Josh Johnson on “This is the kind of cold that can damage pipes, threaten your outside pets, and even be a threat to some of our neighbors. Now is the time to get prepared.”

Highs and lows will increase only slightly into the weekend. Saturday’s low will be 28 degrees.

During Monday’s county commission meeting, Commissioner Jerry Hartin (Dist. 1) implored citizens to look after their own.

“Especially our elderly,” he said. “I know with the economy like it is they may have made tough decisions about choosing to heat their homes or taking medicine or even eating.”

The Alabama Department of Transportation announced Tuesday its personnel and resources across the state are on standby to respond to icy bridge/road conditions and other adverse impacts due to the low temperatures.

“We’re committed to keeping Alabama’s transportation network open and avoiding closures if at all possible should freezing conditions affect bridges/roads,” said ALDOT Director Joe McInnes. “We maintain a constant state of readiness to respond to any adverse weather conditions, and we will have resources and personnel standing by to keep state roads and bridges open if possible.”