State’s road work along Highway 10 moves quickly

Published 5:41 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The City of Greenville’s main thoroughfare on Highway 10 from Bolling St. westward received plenty of attention from the state’s highway department last week.

The complete project calls for the resurfacing and traffic striping of 17.62 miles of road from Greenville to the Wilcox County line.

Estimated costs range from $3.2 million to $3.9 million, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation, and the project should be completed within 75 days.

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“That’s all federal funding,” said Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon. “They just call us up and tell us when they’re going to be doing it. It’s going to be nice when they get it done and striped.”

Greenville police assisted highway workers in controlling traffic along Commerce St. during work hours. While the interruption to normal traffic patterns was an inconvenience to downtown commuters, McLendon said the work was completed as quickly as possible.

“I tell you what when they (the contractors) move with that asphalt, they move quickly,” he said. “They don’t play around.”