King urges caution when dealing with charitable organizations

Published 5:36 pm Friday, December 5, 2008

Attorney General Troy King today urged Alabamians to be cautious with their charitable donations this holiday season.

“Alabamians are a compassionate and generous people – especially around the holiday season, “said King. “Sadly, times such as these also attract those who will scam and scheme to exploit that generosity. Our people should give. They should be compassionate. But they should always be cautious.”

King suggests that contributors make sure they are dealing with charitable organizations they are familiar with and that have track records and histories that can easily be verified. King offered some points of advice when giving:

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Do not give cash.

Be wary of telephone or internet solicitations.

Ask questions about how your contribution will be used and be concerned if there is any hesitation in the answer.

Say no to high-pressure appeals, especially those attempting to hurry you into making a contribution.

For more detailed guidelines and information, King suggests logging on to