Bright promises to be an independent voice in D.C.

Published 9:18 pm Thursday, November 6, 2008

Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright said he will take an independent voice to Washington D.C. as Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District congressman, determined not to buy-in to partisan politics as the Democratic winner in Tuesday’s General Election.

“This entire campaign we have talked about putting America and Alabama first, and you have given me the opportunity to do just that,” said Bright, in a released statement. “Now is the time to unite this country. We are facing some tremendous obstacles, but together we can overcome the challenges we face.”

Bright’s race against Republican Jay Love for the seat vacated by Rep. Terry Everett was highly contested, with Love attacking Bright in television spots and questioning his opponent’s “conservative values.”

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Love’s strategies almost paid off.

Bright beat Love by just six-tenths of a percentage point, 143,997 to 142,231.

Bright won in Butler County 59 percent to 40 percent.

Bright’s victory ends a 44 years of Republicans occupying the 2nd Congressional District seat. He is serving his third term as Mayor of Montgomery and will resign in January.

Everett, who has served four terms as congressman, endorsed fellow Republican Love during the race but congratulated Bright on his victory.

“As he (Bright) makes his plans to come to Washington D.C. to represent you (the 2nd Congressional District) for the next two years, I am also working to ensure a smooth transition,” said Everett in a weekly column distributed to state newspapers. “I would like to say it has been a pleasure and an honor to be of service to you over the last 16 years.”

In the U.S. Senate, incumbent Republican Jeff Sessions won re-election handily across the state, beating State Senator Vivian Figures. It will be his third term in office.