Society auction nets nearly $6K in funds

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The final tallies are in and the positive numbers are putting a smile on the face of the county’s animal lovers.

The recent auction for the Butler County Humane Society has netted nearly $6,000 for the organization’s planned “Second Chance” no-kill shelter.

After deducting the auctioneer’s fee, we netted $ 4,268.50 from auction sales alone,” said BCHS president Herbert Morton.

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An additional $605 was donated to the kitty by local chefs Tom and Mary Lou Crenshaw, who manned the concession stand.

A total of $916 was put into the jars at the auction site, with $10 given for a BCHS T-shirt.

“That gives us a grand total of $5,799.50. It was a very successful day and we appreciate everyone who played a role in it,” Morton said.

As it builds funds for the proposed no-kill shelter, the BCHS continues its commitment of support to the city animal shelter.

“We remind people the Second Chance shelter will not be a replacement for our current shelter, but a compliment to it,” Morton said. “We can’t save every homeless animal, but we want to help as many adoptable animals as possible find a permanent home.”

Another fundraiser currently underway for the new shelter is a Christmas Stocking Raffle.

A stocking created by BCHS member Cemira Powell is on display at Grayson’s of Greenville. Raffle tickets are $5 each.

The next meeting of the Butler County Humane Society is 1 p.m. Wednesday, November 12 at The Chef’s Table downtown.

“Anyone who has a heart for animals is encouraged to come and join us,” said Morton.