Winners of Butler County Fair’s Fall Flower Show

Published 3:49 pm Monday, October 13, 2008

An annual event at the Butler County Fair is the Fall Flower Show, sponsored by the Pride of Greenville Garden Club.

This year’s chairman was Edith Williams.

“Traveling the World” was the theme of the show and the winners of each division are as follows:

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Division I – “In an Oriental Garden” – 1st, Mary Dearing; 2nd, Mollie Utley; 3rd Mary Rogers Poole, Honorable Mention, Suzy Shepherd.

Division II – “With a Spanish Flair” – 1st, Jean Bauer; 2nd, Lisa McKeague, and 3rd Meredith, Mann.

Division III – “Holidays in the USA” – 1st, Judy Gettys; 2nd, Nonnie Hardin, 3rd, Jean Katz and Honorable Mention, Rebecca Reynolds.

Division IV- “An African Safari” – 1st, Steadham McGowin; 2nd, Edith Williams; 3rd, Martha Whittle and Honorable Mention, Glenn Cooper.

Division V – “A Trip to the Islands” – 1st, Caroline Ryan; 2nd, Janice McLendon and 3rd, Tammy Gaston.

Division VI – “April in Paris” – 1st, April Smith; 2nd, Juanita Carter and 3rd, Tammy Gaston.

Division II Youth – “Fun in Disney World” – (A) Kindergarten – 3rd Grade, 1st, Amber Smith; 2nd, Abbie Salter; 3rd, Xada Ingram and Honorable Mention, Lucy Bates and Lancelot Smith.

(B) 7th -9th Grade, 2nd, Christine McKeague.

Division III – Container Plants – Asparagus Ferns, 1st, Becky Coon; Plumosa Ferns, 1st, Becky Coon; Leatherleaf Ferns – 1st, Myralyn Bailey; Vining (no flowering), 1st, Becky Coon; Tropical, 1st, Caroliine Ryan and 2nd, Becky Coon.

Ornamental Peppers, 1st, Suzy Shepherd; Philodendron, 1st, Becky Coon and 2nd, Betty Foster; Begonia, 1st, Frances Garner; Cactus, 2nd, Suzy Shepherd and Betty Foster.

Jade, 2nd, Suzy Shepherd; Aloe Vera, 1st, Caroline Ryan; Bromeliad, 2nd, Frances Garner and Becky Coon.

Crown of Thorns, 1st, Frances Garner and Spider Plant, 1st, Juanita Carter.

The Tri-Color Award for Outstanding Arrangement was won by Caroline Ryan and the Horticultural Excellence Award was won by Frances Garner. Amber Smith won the Youth Award.