GMS students become published authors

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, March 7, 2017

These sixth grade students of Bridgette Cook at Greenville Middle School are now published authors. Pictured from left to right, sitting: Matthew Pipkin, Makenna Davis, Vivian Gates, Tess Braswell, Bowen Skinner, Joshua Boatwright, Hanna Smith, and Carley Boutwell. Middle row, left to right: MacAllister Brown, Christopher Patton, Lance McInvale, Aedan Skinner, Danielle Whittle, Nakyie Smith, Chloe Sawicki, and Brianna Nguyen. Back row, left to right: Mrs. Cook, Jacob Pryor, Madison Thornton, Taylor Hovis, Dontavious Adams, Makhea Mason, and Collin Jenkins.

A group of sixth graders at Greenville Middle School can now proudly say they are published authors, thanks to a writing project assigned by their teacher Bridgette Cook.

“Writing is a strong passion of mine, and being an English teacher affords me the opportunity to share my love for writing with my students,” explains Cook.

“Each year it is my goal to offer my students a chance at adventure using paper, pencils, crayons and a vivid imagination. In the words of Dr. Seuss, ‘Oh the Places You Can Go’ when writing your own stories. An adventure in writing allows you to choose the place, time, characters, and events that will unfold as you write.”

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While most students start out reluctant to write, Cook says the opportunity for them to become published authors turns that initial reluctance into excitement.

It all starts with the basics. “I taught my students basic writing skills using the writing process. After a few practice pieces, each class was given the opportunity to write a class book,” Cook explains.

The three books from this year’s students are “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up,” “Who Am I?” and “If I Could Be Any Animal.”

According to Cook, the process of selecting the story titles came from a list of possible titles and a vote by the students in the class.

The books were published by student publishing company, Studentreasures.

Last week, the students gave a presentation in the GMS library for fellow students and parents about the new books, with each student author receiving a hardbound copy of their collaborative writing efforts. “Those books become something to be treasured and shared with family and friends,” says Cook.

“What I Want to Be When I Grow Up” authors were Makenna Davis, Matthew Pipkin, Collin Jenkins, and Dontavious Adams. “Who Am I?” was penned by Danielle Whittle, Nakyie Smith, Hanna Smith, Vivian Gates, Carley Boutwell, MacAllister Brown, Makhea Mason, and Aedan Skinner. “If I Could Be Any Animal” includes stories by Tess Braswell, Taylor Hovis, Christopher Patton, Chloe Sawicki, Brianna Nguyen, Jacob Pryor, Lance McInvale, Joshua Boatwright, and Bowen Skinner.