LPD to offer firearms safety course

Published 1:39 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Do you own a firearm but are sometimes unsure of how to use it? Fear not, because next weekend, the Luverne Police Department will host a Handgun Familiarization and Safety Class.

The Luverne Police Department will soon host a firearms safety course, which is open to all interested citizens.

The Luverne Police Department will soon host a firearms safety course, which is open to all interested citizens.

The class will begin promptly at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, and will end around 3 p.m. The class will be held in the Crenshaw County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) office, located at 118 E. 3rd Street in Luverne. The class is free to any interested citizen in Crenshaw and surrounding counties.

“We got this together because of inquiries from the citizens in the community, in the city and out in the county. We’ve done this before in years past and we’ve had people asking when we’re going to do another one,” said Mason Adcock, Luverne Police Department investigator.

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This class will focus on the familiarization and safety of handguns. Its purpose is to assist the public in becoming more safe, confident and accurate with their weapon.

The class will consist of two parts, a 3-hour block of classroom instruction on safe handling, basic fundamentals of shooting and range safety, followed by a 2-hour block of live fire on the range.

Participants will be provided with light snacks and beverages while in class and at the range. A 1-hour break will be provided during the transition from class to range. Lunch will not be provided.

“We’re going to shoot some and critique the areas that need to be critiqued and let people get comfortable with their firearms,” Adcock said.

“For those who are already comfortable, this is your opportunity to practice. Anyone who wishes to come and sit in at the classroom or come to the range and observe is welcome, but if they want to fire a weapon that day, they will have to provide their own weapon.”

Attendees must furnish their own weapon, ammo (25 rounds minimum) and possess a valid Alabama Pistol Permit. Pistol permits can be obtained at the Sheriff’s Office in the county where you reside. No loaded weapons are allowed in the classroom; all weapons will be checked prior to entering the building.

“We all have Second Amendment rights to bear arms, and I am a supporter of that,” Adcock said.

“But with that being said, if you’re going to bear arms, you need to be educated on how to carry it safely, be knowledgeable about its operation and know how to fire it. We’re trying to give those people who wish to exercise their Second Amendment right the opportunity to do it as safely as possible.”

The Luverne Police Department would like to thank the following sponsors of this event: Food Depot of Luverne, Ramey’s of Luverne, Big Daddy’s Outfitters, Jones & Coots Attorneys at Law, the Luverne Police Department, the State of Alabama Fire Marshal Office, the Crenshaw County Emergency Management Agency, the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

To reserve a slot, please come by Luverne Police Department to sign up or call (334) 335-3334 and provide your name and a call back number. There is a strict limit of 25 participants, and spaces are open to anyone interested.