Daybreak Farms remains a local delight

Published 5:24 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tom Duncan, co-owner of Daybreak Farms,  has turned his location into a popular destination for vegetable and plant enthusiasts.

Tom Duncan, co-owner of Daybreak Farms, has turned his location into a popular destination for vegetable and plant enthusiasts.

Nestled away in the fields of Greenville’s Daybreak Farms, a full-time working farm, are patches of vibrant colors of red, yellow and orange stretching across a quiet and peaceful setting.

The farm is home to flower gardens filled with zinnias, sunflowers and a large pumpkin patch.

Owners Julie and Tom Duncan have been busy growing flowers that are not only admired by visitors, but also available for purchase at the Montgomery Farmer’s Market and to local customers.  In addition, the duo has been planting and growing pumpkins – a must-have for the nearing fall season.

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Known for their colorful beauty and hearty endurance, zinnia flowers are one of the longest blooming flowers, blooming through the first winter frost.  “Growing zinnia’s is so much fun,” Julie Duncan said.  “We are very easy-going at the farm and work with customers on an individual basis.  We offer zinnias by the bucket or you can call in advance and come pick your own.”  Duncan said she also offers small, simple flower arrangements for individuals or for community events by request.

Starting in October, pumpkins of all sizes and shapes will be available at the farm’s roadside Pumpkin Stand.  The stand serves as a way for customers to conveniently pick out pumpkins of their choice and simply leave payment inside the stand’s Honesty Box.  “The pumpkin stand is a real treat,” Duncan said.  It’s designed to intrigue children with the many pumpkins and festive fall decorations all put together in an old-time theme stand.  The sizes and prices are listed on the stand and customers leave the payment inside the honesty box.  It really works out well.”   Duncan added that the pumpkins, which will be available for purchase at the beginning of October, are very unique.  “They are a non-traditional shade of orange, and because of their density they last much longer than your average pumpkin.”

The farm is also known for its pair of corn mazes, petting zoo and hayrides once open to large groups of school children and other groups, is putting focus on the flower gardens and pumpkins this year.  “The corn mazes and other activities aren’t open this year,” Duncan said.  “It may be something that we decide to bring back and open to the public again in the future, but for now, we’re really enjoying the flowers and pumpkins.”

Daybreak Farms is located at 3622 Honoraville Rd., Greenville, Ala.   For more information, contact Julie or Tom Duncan at 382-7161.