Book presentation announced today

Published 9:24 am Thursday, May 26, 2016


On April 5, 1976, Howard Hughes was thought to have died.  But did he?

For those of us who are over the age of 50, or have a strong interest in aviation, Howard Hughes is a name we recognize. Stories of his life and death bring up memories of newspaper headlines of his business feats, his Hollywood affairs, and his decline to an emaciated, unkempt man with long hair, long fingernails and toenails, who died a lonely death surrounded in mystery.

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Was everything we read and believed about Hughes true? Authors Douglas Wellman and Mark Musick uncovered evidence that Hughes did not die in 1976.

He actually changed his appearance, took another identity and lived in Alabama with the woman he loved, Eva McLelland, finally passing away in November 2001.

Eva McLelland was good at keeping secrets and she had kept this one for thirty-one years. When Hughes died, she was finally able to come forward and share a story that turned 20th century history on its head and filled-in puzzling blanks in the mysterious life of the tycoon Howard Hughes. She also chose to tell the story to her new friend, Major General (ret.) Mark Musick.

In 2010, Wellman and Musick released the first edition of  “Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes” in which they asked and answered the questions:

How could Hughes appear to witnesses as an emaciated, long finger-nailed, mental incompetent man, yet fly a jet aircraft four months later?

How could a doctor describe him as looking like a “prisoner of war,” when at the same time investment bankers, politicians and diplomats who met with him say he was articulate and well-groomed?

But the story didn’t stop there, after the first book was published, new witnesses with stories, additional evidence and photographs came forward, therefore a second edition has been written. The new edition adds significant insight regarding Hughes’ biological children, his extensive undercover connections with the government and accounts from close friends, which he and Eva developed during their years of hiding.

New photos, interviews and evidence further confirm the reclusive Howard Hughes wanted to hide. Through the help of the CIA, he was given a new identity, and continued to influence the highest levels of power in the nation. Connection with the Mafia, unrecognized children and information from neighbors and friends have helped to fill in many voids previously unknown about what occurred after his fake death in 1976.

A presentation of the book will be made by Mark Musick at the Luverne United Methodist Church Dei Center today at 1 p.m. All are welcome to attend.