COLUMN: A work in progress

Published 8:33 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I’m so big on New Year’s resolutions that I make them twice a year, once on New Year’s Eve and again in October, on my birthday (my real “New Year’s Day”).

Some may think I’m a glutton for punishment, setting myself up for failure twice a year. Last year, 40 percent of Americans planned to make resolutions on Jan. 1. But only about 10 percent actually kept their resolutions.

My record is better than that. I don’t know the exact record, but I can think of more successes from this tradition than I can failures.

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I opened my first IRA because of a resolution. My first solo vacation, the roller derby team I joined, the Mardi Gras parade I was in and meeting my last boyfriend were all tied to resolutions.

I love the idea of starting fresh and thinking about what I want out of this life of mine. That’s what resolutions are about for me.

There are some general rules for a good resolution. I never go cold-turkey. I tell myself I will improve on something, or try something new, not give up a big vice.

I also choose resolutions I know I can do. I have faith in myself. And when faith does not feel like it is enough, I publicize my resolution so that I will be held accountable.

When all else fails, I remind myself I will have another chance to start fresh in October. After all, life is a work in progress.



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