Why should business be punished for shooting?

Published 5:15 pm Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dear Editor,

There are lots of comments swirling regarding the shooting that occurred on Sunday outside of the Front Street Pub. In the aftermath, the decision has been made to temporarily close the doors to this business.

Has anyone considered that if this were to become a permanent decision that a family will lose its livelihood? That several people will lose their jobs?

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Or has anyone thought about the many precautions that the business had taken to ensure that its patrons were safe inside of the building?

Many people don’t know that there are over 20 security cameras located inside of The Front Street Pub.

These are put in place so that the owners know what is happening in the building at every single moment, and can recall events when needed.

The security guards have metal detectors that they swipe every single individual down with before they enter the building.

Women aren’t allowed to bring in large purses.

Why should we punish a business that has taken every precaution to keep its patrons safe because of the actions of a few individuals who resorted to violence to solve their problems?

The story is getting changed with every person that it passes through.

Did you know that the altercation inside of the building didn’t have anything to do with the shooting that occurred outside the building, that they were completely unrelated?

Or that 911 had been dialed 15 minutes prior to the shooting by the workers inside The Front Street Pub?

Did you know that three of the four “violent incidents“ that are being reported as having happened at The Front Street Pub since September of last year, didn’t actually have anything to do with the establishment?

I am so sorry about the loss of life that night, and I am praying for his family; but I urge everyone to consider all sides to the story.


Meghan Martin