Library starting landscaping project

Published 11:36 am Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Greenville-Butler County Public Library will be closed on Tuesday for what Library Director Kevin Pearcey calls “heavy duty landscaping.”

Pearcey said workers would remove three oak trees on the left side of the building at the entrance for the city’s horticultural department to revitalize the grounds there.

“While no one ever really wants to cut down a tree, the fact is there is no way for the ground there to ever be beautified and properly maintained without us doing so,” said Pearcey. “The trees, right now, are blocking sunlight and continuous rain and drainage issues have stripped the ground, exposing dirt and roots. It’s just a really big eyesore compared to the rest of the library and is the first thing people see when they turn into the parking lot.”

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After consultations between city employees and the Library Board, everyone agreed it was best for the trees to be removed, said Pearcey.

“We could have tried planting several things, but nothing will grow or take root in the ground there as it is now so after a heavy rain we would have been back to square one,” he said. “This offers a permanent and better solution.”

Pearcey said after the trees are gone, workers would actually remove the roots and soil there to lay new soil down in preparation for planting. City Horticulturist Jennifer Stringer would lead the project.

“We want green grass and some new – smaller – trees,” said Pearcey. “We have every confidence in Jennifer because she does such a great job in keeping the rest of the library’s grounds looking beautiful.”

Pearcey said the primary cause for closing on Tuesday was one of safety.

“It was just better to close that day and give workers the room they needed to operate,” he said. “We also recognized that we didn’t want anyone coming in and out of the library while this was going on.”

Pearcey said the library would reopen on Wednesday at 9 a.m.