Consignment shop opens downtown

Published 1:04 pm Friday, November 30, 2012

Heather Newton, left, and Amy Bray, right, have opened a consignment shop in downtown Greenville. (Advocate Staff/April Gregory)

Thrifty shoppers are in luck.

A new business located on Commerce Street is geared toward helping them find the items they want at a discounted price.

Ah-Ha! Upscale Resale, a consignment shop, opened in late November.

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“It’s not a new concept, but we hope it’s a business that will benefit the community,” owner Amy Bray said.

Bray worked as an accountant for 16 years. After relocating to Greenville she decided to try something “fun and exciting.”

Just like that Ah-Ha! Upscale Resale was born.

“I was always interested in consignment stores, so we decided to give it a try,” she said.

According to Bray, the store already has 30 consigners.

“We’ve had a wonderful response,” she said. “There are people out there that have good items that are of value, but they just don’t need them anymore. Our business allows them to get rid of those items, and get something for them, while helping others get the items at a lower price than they could at a traditional store. We aren’t a junk store. We’re selective with what we take as inventory, and we have a nice mix of things.”

Bray said the store aims to carry name-brand items, ranging from clothing to furniture.

“I love the concept,” she said. “There are people out there that want to be able to have name-brand things, but can’t afford to buy them new. This way they can get them at a lower price and the consigner gets rid of some items, while also getting some money for it.”

When an item is sold, the store receives 50 percent of the cost and the consigner receives 50 percent.

On larger items like furniture, the split is negotiable depending on the price of the item.

Ah-Ha! Upscale Resale is located at 136 West Commerce St.