Camp focuses on fundamentals

Published 8:32 am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whitney Jones runs full court dribbling drills. (Advocate Staff/Austin Nelson)

From Monday to Thursday of this week, the Greenville Middle School Basketball coaching staff has been sweating it out in the gym leading a summer camp.

Head girls’ coach Karen Owens said the camp is designed to lay down a solid foundation for these young players.

“We are teaching them how to play basketball,” Owens said. “Some of the dos and don’ts, teamwork, agility; we are basically teaching them how to strengthen their game in any way possible.”

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Owens said they are covering everything from actual strength training, to how to dibble, how to lay the ball up and how to bounce the ball to help them jump higher to reach the goal.

A lot of these campers will be future high school players, as Owens pointed out.

Boys’ coach Gary Lett was on hand to assist Monday and Tuesday before the two coaches swap roles when the boys arrive Wednesday. Owens said they have been impressed with the turnout so far, with nine girls showing up so far and more than 20 boys slated to come out on Wednesday. The two coaches expect the number of boys could be even more, as some have agreed to pay when they show up.

In a final note, Owens wanted to extend her thanks to the community.

“They have really came through for us with all their donations, even though these are hard times,” Owens said. “We are getting a lot of parental support, and we are really grateful for that.”