Sheriff’s reports filed between June 13-20, 2011

Published 4:14 pm Monday, June 20, 2011

The following incident and offense reports were filed by the Butler County Sheriff’s Department between June 13-20, 2011.

June 13

-Theft of property, third degree, from 2237 Manningham Road, Greenville.

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-Burglary, third degree, from 305 Bass Lane, Georgiana.

-Criminal trespassing, third degree, from 1022 Brogden Road, McKenzie.

-Dog bite, from Snow Drive, Greenville.

June 14

-Miscellaneous information, from Davenport Road and St. Francis Church Road, Greenville.

-Domestic violence, third degree, from 253 Crenshaw Road, Greenville.

June 15

-Disregarding of lawful order of court or interference with custody of child, from West Fields Street, Greenville.

-Assault, third degree and harassment, from 76 Schofield Lane, Greenville.

June 16

-Domestic violence, third degree, and resisting arrest, from 2388 Brushey Creek Road, Georgiana.

-Menacing, from 37 Sandcastle Road, Forest Home.

-Destruction/desecration of a burial ground from 408 Bethel Church Road, Fort Deposit.

June 17

-Theft of property, second degree, from 548 Sandcutt Road, Greenville.

June 18

-Theft of property, first degree, from 229 Simpson Road, Greenville.

-Theft of property, third degree, from 108 Nathaniel Road, Georgiana.

-Receiving stolen property, second degree, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a pistol by a violent felon, from Grace Avenue, Georgiana.

-Domestic violence, third degree, assault, second degree, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana, second degree from 114 Hunter Lane.

June 19

-Theft of property, third degree, from Mill Street, Georgiana.

-Criminal mischief, third degree, from 3971 Halso Mill Road, Greenville.

-Assault, second degree, from 4107 Montgomery Highway, Greenville.

June 20

-Theft of property, first degree, from Greenville.