Parmer students ‘splash’ into reading

Published 4:22 pm Thursday, September 9, 2010

Students at W.O. Parmer celebrated the start of the school's Accelerated Reading program last Friday.

W.O. Parmer splashed into their accelerated reader program Friday.
This year’s theme is Red Hot Readers. Children arrived in the cafeteria Friday morning only to find a beach wonderland, complete with sand pails, beach balls and sunglasses.
Each child was given their own lei, and then hadto limbo their way into the cafeteria.
Vice principal Litta Norris said they have set high goals for their children this year.
“We read over 46,000 books last year,” Norris said. “This year, we are going for 50,000.”
The main lobby of the school will stay decorated with the Red Hot Summer decorations that adorned the cafeteria, Norris said.
The theme and idea for this year’s accelerated reader program was the brainchild of a teacher and parent committee.
“We have a huge thermometer with monthly goals on how many books they will have to read,” Norris said.
The giant thermometer gives shaded in with read ink, so children will be able to tell how close they are getting to the 50,000-book goal each morning, Norris said.
First, second and third grades will be competing to see who can read the most books, Norris said. The entire school, however, will be counted together, with a reward reserved for when, not if, they me their goal.
“Whenever we reach 50,000, and we hope to go way past this, we will have a school-wide sprinkler party.
The plan is to have the goal met by May of next year, but Norris said they will throw a party as soon as they reach it.

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