County celebrates National County Government Week

Published 4:14 pm Monday, April 27, 2009

Each year, local governments across the nation celebrate National County Government Week as a way to raise public awareness and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of county government.

The Crenshaw County Commission will celebrate National County Government Week from May 3-9; they will focus on the many public services that the county commission provides to its citizens. A resolution was signed at the April 13 commission meeting commemorating that week.

”This week is the perfect opportunity for our citizens to get to know what county government really does for its people,” Crenshaw County Administrator David Smyth said. “Unfortunately, many people only think about one or two services of government that touch their lives, but this county really does so much more by providing services and programs that contribute to the quality of life in our communities, and that provide for the public safety and for the economic growth our

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county needs.”

Smyth referred to several of the public services the present County Commission helped to bring to fruition, including providing new senior services for the Helicon area and a new community playground, in addition to the fact that they are also in the process of building a new center for the Honoraville area.

“This commission has been very ambitious in achieving the goals that have been set to aid the residents of Crenshaw County,” Smyth said. “They have worked with ADECA and our highway department to see numerous bridge replacements and upgrades put in place as well.”

Smyth added that the Commission, which is comprised of Chairman Ronnie Hudson, and commissioners Ronnie Blackmon, Charlie Sankey, Jr., Ricky McElwain, and Ed Beasley, has completed one of three stages of renovations on the Montgomery Highway during its term, along with the renovation of the EMA building to include the housing of E-911 services.

“Currently, this commission is working with the State Health Department on building a new facility at Crenshaw Community Hospital that will more centrally locate our county’s health department,” Smyth said.

National County Government Week was created back in 1991; there will be more than 1,000 counties nation-wide participating this year.

For more information, please call the County Commission office at 335-6568.