The #039;cruddy#039; reality of the season

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The first cold snap of the year has come and gone and for many of you it brought more than just chilly temperatures. Those of you who have fallen victim to stuffy heads and fevers know what I'm talking about.

The illness that comes with the first drastic weather change of the fall is hard to describe. It isn't quite as bad as the flu, but it is worse than a cold. I have never really known any name for this particular illness other than "the crud."

When you have "the crud" there is no mistaking it. Your nose is runny and stuffy at the same time and the congestion keeps you from forming any rational thought. It often feels like your head has been replaced by an over-inflated basketball.

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If are stricken with "the crud" you can forget about having any fun at all. No matter what you do you are going to be miserable. Your best bet is to stay home and get some serious television viewing in.

Sometimes "the crud" can fool you. You may wake up feeling a little ill during the morning hours and feel fine by noon. Many times crud sufferers will believe they are cured and get a false sense of happiness. This is the cruelest joke any illness can play on a person. Sure enough, by the time the sun goes down "the crud" will return from its mid-day vacation.

After going through this a couple of times people start to believe they will never be cured. Be patient, you're time of healthiness will come.

So far "the crud" has no cure and since it is not deadly

I seriously doubt there will be a lot of medical research to find one. The best thing a "crud" sufferer can do is try to stay in bed and out of consciousness for as long as they possibly can.

Fortunately, this year, I have avoided "the crud" to this point. However, as I continue to see my fellow Advocate employees going down one by one

I know my days are numbered.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who have fallen victim to the early season (if you have children you probably have) you have my sympathy. Hopefully your cases will subside as quickly and painlessly as possible.

For the rest of you who, like me, feel this terrible illness lurking in the shadows, there is nothing you can do aside from moving into a plastic bubble. When "the crud" comes calling it often hits its target.

"The crud" is sweeping through Alabama at a record fast pace. However, there is one way to make "the crud" work in a positive way. If you are an Alabama fan and plan to make the trip to Knoxville this weekend take the time to shake hands with or cough on someone in orange.

This way, even though you are suffering through the wretched sickness you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you have made a Volunteer's life miserable.

They seem to enjoy seeing us suffer so just think of it as returning the favor.

Roll Tide!

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